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Welcome to the Flight Simulator X WikiEdit

Flight Simulator X (FSX) is a highly detailed flight simulator software for the everyday gamers (no pilots license or special training needed). I invite you to add pages and help improve the wiki in any way you can. I would really like for add-ons to be included as well to help people find them and know about them.

To payware designersEdit

I especially invite you to this wiki whether you design scenery or aircraft. Please create a page for each of your products and your company.

THANK YOU Dmb201 07:10, June 26, 2011 (UTC)


I would like you to edit as you see fit but make sure the information is accurate. If it is not and you notice it click edit and just delete or correct it. I would like this to be a free advertising tool for FSX add on designers. I would also like this to be a secondary instruction manuals for information that is not stated in the manuals that are supplied with your add-ons.

If you wish to create a new page (witch at this point you kind of have to) click add a page tword the top of this page. Also if the text is in red that means that a page in that name does not exist so you might want to consider creating some of those.

THANK YOU Dmb201 07:18, June 26, 2011 (UTC)


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